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Many Landlords do not have the time, resources and capacity to deal with the everyday running of a tenanted property and prefer to have it professionally managed, which is why majority of our Landlords take advantage of our services.

Our property management team is here to make sure that your tenancy is managed effortlessly and with minimum complexity. With numerous properties to manage, we have a wealth of experience and continuously update in-house and external training, ensuring that we have comprehensive knowledge regarding the latest procedures and legal guidelines. The team also has the benefit of an in-house property management system enabling them to perform at maximum efficiency.

We have developed excellent working relationships with a wide variety of trades, including plumbers, electricians, painters and decorators, cleaners and handymen. All of them have been vetted to ensure that they are fully qualified, insured and fit for the purpose.

On the other hand, tenants can also appreciate the benefits of a managed tenancy. In actual fact, the vast majority of our tenants will only rent professionally managed properties from us.

Property Preparation

First, we organise to make sure the property is fit and habitable for our prospective tenants, which we will notify you if there are any refurbishment or maintenance required also professional cleaning of the property and correct number of keys cut. If you wish, we can arrange for this to be carried out by our specialist contractors.

Rent Collection

We collect all rental payments and send it directly to your bank while also sending a monthly account statement. We will chase any rent arrears, if required we will advise and assist with legal proceedings.


We will contact the relevant authorities for gas, electricity, water and council tax to ensure that all accounts are transferred, and arrange for the settlement of any final bills.


We will act as the first point of contact for the tenants, dealing with any day-to-day queries and the handling of any minor repairs. Where a more complex maintenance issue arises, we will first liaise with you, and then pursue the agreed solution. To ensure we keep the highest standards of service, we operate a 24-hour emergency line.


We will undertake periodic property inspections and advise on the condition of the property and any necessary remedial action. We will also ensure that the property complies with current laws and regulations also arranging for safety certificates as required.


If requested, we can arrange for contents and rent guarantee insurance.


At the end of the tenancy, we will prepare a report following legal guidelines on dilapidation claims, and negotiate any deposit deductions on your behalf. If no agreement can be reached, the dispute will be referred to the deposit scheme’s arbitration service. We will arrange to have the property cleaned and prepared for the next tenancy, or return it to you.

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